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Welcome to Smoothtone Mastering

It's about the music!


There's two reasons why I do this work:

I love music.

I love helping people to make their 

music sound great.

At Smoothtone the focus is on working collaboratively with you to deliver great sounding audio that translates the character and emotional impact of your music to listeners.

Each master is handcrafted with passion for both musicality & audio quality & with the utmost respect for the vision of the artist, mix engineer, producer & label.

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Music starts and ends with joy. Everything in between is a beautiful, complicated journey.


Flat rate per track:                             $65

DDP image for CD replication:        $35

Extended mixes, alternative edits:  $25

Vinyl premasters:                               $35

Apple Digital Master*:                      $25

*Smoothtone is a certified provider for Apple's Apple Digital Master program (previously MFiT).

A free sample master is offered as a courtesy for new clients.

Revisions are offered without charge.


Although this can vary depending on demand, turnaround is usually 1-2 days for singles & up to a week for full albums.

*All rates in AUD

how it works

STEP 1: 

Submit your tracks and instructions via the Order Mastering form. I will contact you to confirm your order and clarify any details.

STEP 2: 

I will send a preliminary sample to ensure the mastering is heading in the right direction according to your goals. If requested, I will also send detailed feedback via the Pre Master Summary.

STEP 3: 

Payment via PayPal and delivery of masters.

what to send

Send me the mixes you love.

Leave some headroom & avoid clipping.

Send 24 or 32 bit files at your project sample rate.

Clearly label files.

Include detailed instructions and all relevant codes and metadata.




I love making people happy.

It's the collaborative relationships that make this work truly satisfying.


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Exactly what I wanted thank you!!

Liv East

Thank you

for having my back.

Myles Sanko

Wow... it's really clear, deep and bangs, amazing! Seems like it's perfectly pushed & all the elements pop through! That snare really smacks you in the chest! Spot on.


It just sounds better.


Thank you so much for you amazing work!

Fia Moon

The mastering is awesome and has improved it massively. It's really taken it up several levels.

Devil on the Rooftop

I love your work and you've been a first class gentleman. I'm so glad that I found you.

Julian Romero

Dom is one of the special few who just get it.

Blair Joscelyne

You've done an incredible job! There's loads of energy and it sounds loud at low volume.

Chris Bay

Mix Engineer


Want to talk about your project?

Contact me here.


Ready to begin?

Order your online mastering here.



Order a free test master.


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Smoothtone is a dedicated mastering studio located in Sydney, Australia.

I started my musical career as a guitarist playing in bands from death metal to funk. I wrote my own music from an early age and used whatever I could get my hands on to record it, gradually building up a project studio. In my early 20s I worked as a live sound engineer, honing my skills in high pressure situations. 

In the late '90s I became interested in mastering and mastered albums for bands and artists in the local music scene. I later opened my doors to online clients and now enjoy mastering records for people all over the world. I still love hearing a project for the first time.

I look forward to working with you on your next project.


Dom Hilbrink | Mastering Guy

© 2023 Smoothtone Mastering

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